Avon Valley Glass’s mirror frames ensure the mirror is finished to the same standard of quality as the rest of the bathroom. Our mirror frames make cleaning easier and protect fingers from any sharp edges. Our mirror frames help highlight a beautiful bathroom, without detracting from your overall decor.

The versatility of mirrors makes them a way to give instant style to a bathroom. They light up dark corners an add elegance to an area. By reflecting the movements and design elements around them, they even replace artwork. Incorporating fresh design ideas utilising bathroom mirrors enhances the appearance of large and small bathrooms. Choosing a mirror to coordinate with the style of your bathroom will add depth and dimension, creating a bright and fresh room.

Mirror Wall In Gym

Custom-Made Mirrors

Custom made – non standard sizes are a specialty of ours, whether you are refitting commercial or residential premises or planning on enclosing a new space. Our experienced team can help you with a design to meet your budget and create something one of a kind.